The Ice Man

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Impress your clients with your new logo or branding by using Ice. We can create any Company Logo using a variety of techniques, all designed to maximise the impact for your client.

Colourful logos look especially stunning when created and frozen in ice; and can be lit for added impact - the effect is amazing!

For new product launches, we have a range of exciting ways to add impact and the WOW factor.

Depending upon the product, we can freeze it inside the ice and carve your logo around it, create a crystal clear replica of the product and even make it interactive so clients can touch your new product.

As always, we will be happy to discuss your specific requirements with you, please do not hesitate to contact us for the best in service and reliability.

Colour Vinyl (your) Logo
6 Bottle Display Holder
Globe With Frozen Display
Penguin Ice Bar
Ice Pillars
Brand Awards Logo
Champagne Bottle With Your Logo
Table Globe With Floral Display
Football Club Badge
Father Christmas
Formula 1 Car
Cocktail Club Drinks Tray
Champagne Bucket
Double Candle Holder
Single Candle Holder
Horse And Rider (with Logo)
Pyramid With Stationery Display
Christmas Tree
Skyy Vodka
Champagne / Wine Bottle Chiller
Elite Ice Bar
Bottle Display For 6 Bottles
Champagne Bowl With Flowers
Football Club Logo
Ice Bar With Logo
Colour Vinyl (your) Logo
The Ice Man
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